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Harper Basket set 2 pcs 35x28 cm Rattan

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Alt Text: "Handwoven rattan baskets - stylish and functional storage solution for any space."
Harper Basket set 2 pcs 35x28 cm Rattan


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Introducing the Harper Basket Set of 2 - a seamless blend of functionality and elegance to elevate your home organization game. Crafted with precision and care, these handwoven rattan baskets offer the perfect solution for keeping any space tidy and stylish.

From organizing towels and clothes to storing hobby supplies and office essentials, the versatility of these baskets knows no bounds. Need a chic storage solution for your magazines, notebooks, or books? Look no further. The Harper Basket Set has got you covered.

Meticulously crafted from lightweight yet durable natural rattan, the curved design of the Harper Curve Set adds a touch of sophistication to any room. Its timeless appeal effortlessly complements any living or workspace, infusing it with an air of elegance.

But these baskets aren't just about looks - they're built to last. The sturdy construction ensures they can handle whatever you throw their way, while still exuding style and charm.

Whether you're seeking extra storage, a decorative accent, or a combination of both, the Harper Basket Set delivers on all fronts. Embrace the beauty of organization with this versatile addition to your home.
Dimensions . 35x28 cm each basket


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