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Introducing Timeless Charm & Coastal Elegance

Welcome to a world where every item tells a story of timeless charm and coastal elegance. At Piccole Cose Home Accessories, we bring you an exquisite range of giftware and home décor inspired by the breathtaking landscapes of Sardinia.

 Our Story

Founded in 1986, Piccole Cose has grown from a local boutique into a beloved global brand. Our roots are deeply embedded in the rich colors, textures, and atmosphere of Sardinian life. This influence is evident in every piece we curate, designed not just to decorate a space but to transform it.

 Discover Our Collections

Dive into our diverse collections where each category offers a unique expression of coastal boho chic. From living spaces that invite relaxation to dining areas that echo the sounds of the Mediterranean, our products create the perfect backdrop for making memories. Don't miss our specially designed decor items that capture the essence of outdoor vibes, perfect for anyone looking to add a touch of the island's laid-back luxury to their home.

Personalize Your Space

At Piccole Cose, we believe your home should reflect your personal style. That’s why we offer made-to-measure options that allow you to customize dimensions, fabrics, and finishes. Whether it’s tweaking a table to fit perfectly in your dining room or choosing the fabric for your new sofa, our team is here to help you make each piece uniquely yours.

Step Into Our World 

Step into Piccole Cose Home Accessories to discover a world where each item invites conversation and every corner tells a story. Experience our friendly service and explore a range that’s as boundless as your imagination